How much will design cost?

Joined an existing Project Finance team in the middle of a large Process Equipment installation project ($200 + million). The assignment was to forecast the final cost of the Design. Difficult and complex contracting relationships had evolved thereby making true costs less than transparent and difficult to forecast. A perfect example of where an outside resource could be deployed to tackle a particular problem while not distracting the already heavily committed Project Team.

Bid Report

Led a team performing analysis and comparison of multi-billion dollar bids against previously prepared Estimate. Supported Procurement in their clarifications meetings with preferred bidder. Prepared different reports for different levels of management review and made the ‘report-outs’ personally.

Improvement Initiative Reports

Two weeks of intensive workshops with Cost Engineers, Procurement, Finance and Planners from a Natural Resources corporation. We produced a list of opportunities which we scored with the client that would improve their ability to Control, Report and Monitor Cost, Schedule and Scope, Health, Safety and Environmental data. As well as HR concepts e.g. Skills needed e.e.g. Community Relations monitoring.