Categories of services

TACA International offers the entire gamut of services for StrategicTactical and Research. TACA also has experience in ‘Follow the sun’ type of collaborations and can be called upon for your project management needs.

  • Project strategic services 
    Project positioning, Project Delivery Method models. Assessment of Project ‘health’ and direction during the course of construction.
  • Project tactical services
    Due diligence reports, audits, assessments of project control processes, claims preparations / claims resistance whether they be during design or actual construction.
  • Tactical services
    Want to build in France, China, or Kuwait. TACA will provide a profile of the local construction industry, indicative construction costs, local project delivery methods, names of local A&E firms, Consultants as well as Contractors. Research in preparation for the introduction of a new product or service. Review a Project’s proposed Delivery Method, Change Control Procedures, Payment Process and the like – prepare a report / make recommendations.

Very keen to participate in follow-the-sun-type collaborations

This is the concept whereby the same project is worked on by a team that is located around the World in different time zones. The advantages are shorter project life cycles and / or better use of resource whether they be in-house or contracted out. This way you can achieve 24 x 7 hours on a project without incurring overtime or ‘burn out’. To this end TACA has invested in a high speed Internet connection. Has access to a number of external secure Internet / virtual community services. These service enhance the operation of virtual teams.